• 1
    Special Report: Economics and Finance

    Yuri Shevelev, Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance reported 2012 financial results in an exclusive interview

  • 2
    Developing Territory

    Even now, when consumption decreased, the load of several 35-110 kV substations exceeds critical levels

  • 3
    Adhering to Innovations

    Repair plan for 2013 totals RUR 1 519 123 thous., including RUR 348 493 thous. (contracted form) and RUR 1 170 630 thous (non-contracted form)

  • 4
    New-generation Transmission Pole

    Permenergo has mounted the Urals’ first new-generation transmission pole

  • 5
    Eye of the Beholder: People and Company

    A special personnel category is very important for the company