Innovative activities

The aim of our innovative development is an increased economic and energy efficiency of supply through innovative development of the Company via modern world-class grid infrastructure.

Key directions for our innovative development are:

  1. Innovative technologies and components of intelligent distributive grids
  2. Innovative systems and methods of measurement, communications and administration
  3. Increased energy efficiency, ecological compatibility and productivity
  4. Creation and development of new services and types of support services
  5. Innovations in business processes and administration of the Company

For the purpose of implementation of the above-mentioned directions we have prepared, approved and now implement our Innovative Development Program for 2012-2016. The key goals of the program are:

  • R&D
  • Exploration of cutting-edge production and administrative technologies and development of quality management system
  • Implementation of energy efficient and ecological production technologies
  • Improvement of the system for information support of production and business processes
  • Advance training of personnel participating in the implementation of innovative operations of the Company
  • Cooperation with innovative small and medium enterprises

We do not develop new equipment, technologies or materials ourselves but actively implement cutting-edge technologies, materials and equipment in our operations. We closely cooperate with small innovative companies to prepare technical specifications to produced and engineered equipment and supervise its pilot operations. Thus, for example, in cooperation with AZM-Stroydormash we prepared multi-purpose vehicle mounted on a GAZ 3308 truck. We concluded general agreements with leading universities of the Urals region: Urals Federal University, South Urals State University, South Urals State Agricultural and Engineering Academy and Perm State Technical University. In 2012 22 employees had a further training and 193 students currently study in the universities. The most important R&D project in 2012 was the completion of H2 Smart Metering system during the federal pilot project in Perm. The project will help us build transparent relations with consumers, supply and grid companies as well as decrease energy losses.

Number of facilities with the implemented equipmentNumber of installed equipment, implemented technologiesOverall value (investments), RUR mln.Additional information
Equipment, materials, facilities1315621,325
Including those developed during R&D processes11180Completion of Smart metering project (Perm)
Number of R&D projectsFinancing, RUR mln.Number of registered intellectual propertyNumber of publications