Operating and technological control

The fulfillment of the functions by network control centers in full increases the quality of operating and technological control of networks in the Perm, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions, ensures optimal repair modes and loss decrease, enables a quick and competent liquidation of incidents in subordinate networks as well as monitor equipment operation modes. All network control centers are equipped with automated devices to successfully perform the functions. The devices include an automated dispatch control system, simulators, software for mode calculation, etc.

The strategy of automated control system development is aimed at the increase of efficient operations of the Company’s production base due to the most efficient personnel activities via overall automation of collection, processing, storage, transfer of information, decision-taking and control function processes based on modern software/hardware automated tools, computation and IT.

The evolution of automated control systems is closely connected with the development of telecommunication system of the Company, since the system is a transportation system for ACS data. Therefore, when we prepare target programs for both sectors, we pay attention to their synchronization. According to the strategy the ADCS is a system with a united information model and distributed infrastructure for network control centers in branches and dispatcher centers in production units. The model can combine advantages specific for systems with centralized storage and data processing and high reliability indicators (ability to operate when the infrastructure is partially degraded).