In 2012 the volume of transmitted energy totaled 68 302 mln. kW/h (-1 528 mln. kW/h or -2.19% on 2011).

Transmission in 2011-2012
Transmitted energy*, mln. kW/h
mln. kW/h%
IDGC of Urals69,83068,302-1,528-2.19%

In Permenergo the decrease totaled 223 mln. kW/h. The main factors are:
transition of Solikamskbumprom (since 01.04.2011, decrease of productive supply - 73 mln. kW/h) and VSMPO AVISMA (since 01.05.2011, decrease of productive supply - 311 mln. kW/h.) to FSK. Besides, there was a reduction of productive supply by Uralkali (- 64 mln. kW/h) and increased consumption by other consumers (+225 mln. kW/h), including residents (+123 mln. kW/h).

In Serdlovenergo the decrease totaled 1 813 mln. kW/h. The main factors are:
transition of BAZ SUAL to FSK (since 01.01.2012, decrease of productive supply - 2 768 mln. kW/h), decrease of consumption by UAZ SUAL (-333 mln. kW/h) as well as increased consumption by other consumers (+1 288 mln. kW/h), including residents (+213 mln. kW/h).

In Chelyabenergo the increase totaled 508 mln. kW/h. The main factors are:
increased consumption by MEK (+149 mln. kW/h), increased consumption by other consumers (+349 mln. kW/h), including residents (+88 mln. kW/h).

Operating results in 2012
Supply, mln. kW/hProductive supply, mln. kW/hLosses
mln. kW/h%
IDGC of Urals76,065,28570,080,8865,984,3997.87%

* The volume of transmission is determined in supply points according to contracts on transmission concluded with IDGC of Urals, i.e. calculating consumers connected to networks of other regional grid companies contained in a “boiler” model

Actual losses in our grids totaled 5 984 mln. kW/h (7.87% of overall supply). In comparison to 2011 the loss decrease totaled 60 mln. kW/h (-0.08%). Actual losses in our grids in 2012 totaled 7.87% (planned losses – 8.1%, i.e. -0.23%).

The loss breakdown in 2011-2012
2011 Actual2012 ActualChanges
mln. kW/h%mln. kW/h%mln. kW/h%**
IDGC of Urals6,179.4247.955,984,3997.87-60,631-0.08
The fulfillment of loss standard in 2012
2011 Standard2012 ActualChanges
mln. kW/h%mln. kW/h%mln. kW/h%
IDGC of Urals6,330,3257.925,984,3997.87-40,392-0.05

In Permenergo overall revenues, in comparison to 2011, decreased by RUR 257 mln. (1.89%), caused by transition of Solikamskbumprom (- RUR 45 mln.) and VSMPO AVISMA (- RUR 188 mln.) to FSK. Besides, decreased consumption of Uralkali led to RUR 17 mln revenue decrease. There was also decrease of tariffs for residents causing RUR 91 mln. revenue reduction. Due to increased productive supply by other consumers there was a growth of revenues from loss compensation rate by RUR 30 mln. and volume of productive supply by residents by RUR 55 mln.

In Sverdlovenergo the revenues decreased by RUR 2 078 mln. (7.93%) caused by the transition of BAZ SUAL to FSK (decrease totaled RUR 1 614 mln.), decreased consumption by UAZ SUAL (reduction totaled RUR 258 mln.), decreased transmission tariffs for residents (reduction totaled RUR 295 mln.). Besides, real capacity decreased (RUR 65 mln.) due to transition of the following consumers, having direct contracts with our branch, to actual capacity settlements according to requirements set forth by Government Decree #442 dd. 04.05.2012:

  • SFZ: capacity deviation – 1.16 MW (in money terms – RUR 13.06 mln.);
  • PNTZ: capacity deviation – 5.98 MW (in money terms – RUR 47.57 mln.);
  • MAREM+: capacity deviation – 0.01 MW (in money terms – 1.39 mln.).
  • Revdinskyi Kirpichnyi Zavod: capacity deviation – 3.2 MW (in money terms – RUR 3.15 mln.);

Besides, there was an upsurge of revenues on loss compensation rate (+ RUR 130 mln) due to increased productive supply by other consumers and residents (+ RUR 24 mln).

In Chelyabenergo revenues decreased by RUR 840 mln. (6.42%). The reduction was caused by:

  • Exclusion of expenses on Regional Grid Company from branch RGR since 01.01.2012 that led to the reduction of revenues by RUR 650 mln. and, as a consequence, reduction of expenses incurred by the branch on payments to this gridco;
  • Decrease of transition tariffs on other consumers since 01.07.2012, operating in the Chelyabinsk region (MV 1 by 13%, MV 2 by 6%, LV by 9%) that led to decrease of revenues by RUR 274 mln.
  • Increase of revenues on loss compensation rate by RUR 86 mln. due to increased productive supply by other consumers;
  • Increase of revenues from residents by RUR 0.5 mln. due to increased productive supply.
Actual revenues from transmission in 2012 totaled RUR 49 691 mln. (-RUR 3 175 mln. or 6.01% on 2011), RUR mln.
2011 Actual2012 Actual2012 actual/2011 actual
IDGC of Urals52,86649,691-3,175-6.01%
Revenues from transmission totaled almost RUR 50 bln.

* Calculated as a difference between actual 2012 losses and 2012 loss standard

** Calculated as a change multiplied by actual supply in 2012 and divided by 100%